From a young age, I was dropped off at my grandmother’s on vacations and holidays. In staying with her I learned how to make folk wines— rhubarb, dandelion, and elderberry. From time to time, we also made gin and absinthe in a crude pot still. I think this is where my lifelong obsession originated.

When I was a teenager we moved back to Ireland, where I became fascinated with how to make a local whiskey called “poitín” which is high in proof with a potato and grain base.

In my adult life, I returned to the US and pursued a career in historic preservation. There in the South, I was working at Mount Vernon, the White House, and Monticello by day… while by night, my obsession with distilling took on the local flavor of corn-based liquor.

Along the way, I became part of a group of “motorcycle enthusiasts.” I found camaraderie and family with brothers as an Outlaw affiliate. Morning, noon or night– if you got into trouble, someone would be there for you. And although I’m no longer such a regular on the bike or around the Clubhouse, those years brought me an understanding of what the 1%er lifestyle is all about.

These experiences came together as I combined my knowledge of traditional Irish whiskey and Southern whiskey, creating an unaged hybrid that incorporates corn and oat for a much smoother taste. It’s a whiskey that travels its own road. It breaks a few rules. The black diamond of the 1%er seemed right at home on the front of the bottle.



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